I know there was a Seaboard District before Casco Bay District.
I know Casco Bay District and Sebago District were merged in the 60's - but not sure if some other areas were involved.

The council was reorganized at that time and all troops were renumbered
1-99 - Casco Bay District
100's - Abnaki District
200's - Downeast District
300's - York District
400's - Kennebec Valley District
500's - Snowshoe District
600's - Quabacook District
800's - Casco Bay District

Somewhere along the way Casco Bay District  inherited a few towns from York District - Troops with 300 numbers - and some from Abnaki District - Troops with 100 numbers

-- Dean B. Zaharis

When I became Scoutmaster in 1955 we were a part of Seaboard District, which was only South Portland, Cape Elizabeth and Scarborough. The first camporee I took the troop to was at Fort Williams, in the area behind the officers' quarters.

The DE then was Bill Lockwood, who also ran Downeast District, or at least the Brunswick area of it.  I think that before him our DE was John Vadeboncoeur. I worked with John at a council camporee held at Camp Hinds in 1952.

It's hard to make a list of the others, there have been so many.  We had John Eachus, John Cederstrom, Bruce Wentworth, Len Thompson, and a few others I will work to remember.

Casco Bay District came as you said in 1956-57 but I'm not sure what year, when the whole council was reorganized.  Sebago District, Portland District, and the towns up route 25 (Kezar Falls, etc.) all came into the group because they were more oriented to Portland than they were to York County.  I'm not clear if the Gray-New Gloucester and Falmouth-Yarmouth merger happened at the same time or not.

Bill Scoville was the DE of Sebago District in the early 60's and it included troops as least as far up as Steep Falls - I visited one of their camporees there.

It's too bad that no one seems to have saved their old Pine Spills and other printed matter which would make all of this history easier to find!

- Frank Maguire

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