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William Bucknam Hinds
July 17, 1918-April 7, 1925
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In 1927 Charles and Augusta Hinds donated the funds to the Cumberland County Council, BSA for the purchase of the property which would become Camp William Hinds. Camp Hinds was named in honor of their son who was hit and killed by a car in Portland.  The family business was the A. S. Hinds Co. in Portland which was famous for various creams for the face, hands, and skin.
This plaque is displayed above the fireplace in the Rec Hall. 

Hinds family home
27 Chadwick Street
Portland, Maine

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Photo courtesy Lou Maguire

Submitted by Marty Kadel

One afternoon in the early 90ís while working at the old Pine Tree Council Office on Auburn St., an older man came in. He was dressed in dirty work clothes and was himself pretty dirty and scruffy looking. He had a picture of a little boy and he said, 'I thought you might like this picture of my brother.' My first thought was that he was some sort of mentally ill homeless person, so I humored him and said something like 'What a cute little boy, what was his name?' The reply was 'Billy'. As I was busy, I did my best to politely walk him out the door, but before he left, something caused me to ask the old man his name. 'Hinds' he said, and everything instantly made sense. 

He told me that his mother had just passed away in a nursing home at over 100 years old, and he had been cleaning out all her belongings (hence the dirty work clothes) and had found the framed photograph. We then had quite a conversation. He told me that his parents were vacationing in Mexico when Billy was killed in Portland. They came back as soon as they could, not an easy feat in the early 1920s. 

As people of wealth they wanted to leave a lasting memorial to William, and so made the gift of the Panther Pond property to the local Boy Scouts who opened Camp Hinds the same year that Lindbergh flew the Atlantic and Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs, 1927. I no longer remember Mr. Hinds name, although Iím sure I passed it around the council as I was promoted and left a short time afterwards. An ironic side fact is that my wife, Lois, at the time a mobile x-ray technician, visited Mrs. Hinds in the nursing home shortly before her death and took a series of chest x-rays. 

Jim Hinds, nephew of William B Hinds, added: The ''dirty and scruffy'' Hinds that gave the Scouts the picture of William B. Hinds must have been either my father (Wadsworth) or my Uncle Larry.  I suspect it was Wadsworth, since Larry always is dressed in dapper clothes, and in the early 90's I don't think he would have been characterized as an ''old man'', whereas Wadsworth might have been (he would have been in his late 70's then).  Also, it would have been more in character for Wadsworth to have been cleaning up Augusta's belonging. He was, after all, the executor of her estate.

Note: The photograph now sits on the fireplace mantle in the rec hall and is the one displayed at the top of this page.

This newpaper article features a picture of an oil painting of 4 year old Billy.  It appeared in the Portland Sunday Telegram on Dec 10, 1922.

Courtesy Jim Hinds

Mr. & Mrs. Hinds
Augusta Hinds (Mother of William) and
Harry Lothrop (Council Representative)
Attend the 40th Anniversay Celebration
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Charles B Hinds
(Father of William)
Age 18
For years we believed that William Hinds was hit and killed by a milk truck.  Recently Frank Maguire found this article in the April 8, 1925 edition of the Portland Press Herald which details the events of his death when he was hit by a Ford Roadster.

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This picture of Charles and Augusta Hinds and family appeared in the Portland sunday Telegram on May 27, 1926.

Courtesy Jim Hinds

Obituary courtesy Jim Hinds

PTC Resolution of Appreciation from March 16, 1989.
 Courtesy Jim Hinds

History and Genealogy of the Hinds Family
By Albert Henry Hinds 
Published 1899 Portland, Maine

Albert was uncle to William

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Albert and his wife Grace were the
owners of Arrowhead Point on
Long Lake in Naples, Maine

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