In the Merrill Luthe Scrapbook pages, there's a mug shot of Oliver Sanborn, who was on the staff with Merrill, under which Merrill writes ''Chief CHFD, two buckets and one ladder''.  The interesting thing is that Oliver's father, Oliver T. Sanborn, was Portland's fire chief from 1924 to 1954. We don't know what the younger Oliver did as his career.

Click image to see the Merrill Luthe Scrapbook page.

~Frank Maguire

Rick Luthe tells us that Ollie was one of Merrill's best friends, and he was killed in WW II at the Battle of the Bulge. Another good friend, John Presnell, was killed in the Pacific in WW II. 

As everyone knows, Pine Tree Council has produced thousands of outstanding volunteers who have distinguished themselves and the council with their selfless and tireless efforts!! 

The council has also produced a good number of outstanding professional Scouters who have gone on make great contributions to the BSA! Here’s a very brief list of some of the career Scouters who in Pine Tree just before, during, or just after my time in Maine (1984-1992). 

Recent retirees include Haynes Harbaugh Pine tree Council Scout Executive who stepped down as National Director of Properties. Also, former Scout Executive, Bob Denlinger who retired as Deputy Director of the Central Region. Ray Sanders retired a year ago as Scout Executive in Syracuse, NY. 

Five PTC alums are currently serving as Scout Executives: Harry Pokorny in Hartford, CT., Dennis Prefontaine in Framingham, MA., Joe Gallagher on Long Island, Marc Richardson in Princeton, NJ., and Eric Magandantz in Chester County, PA. 

Two others have served as Scout Executives and are now filling other positions. Ken Hardy is Development Director in the Central NJ Council, and Dana Kuhns is in the Scranton, PA council. 

Two others have moved along to other non-profits, Tom Peaco with the Maine Make-A-Wish Foundation and Dave Wendel with the Girl Scouts. 

We are all extremely proud of our time in your council and discuss the good times we had there whenever we get together!! 

~Marty Kadel

I recently found out that my uncle's father was a Camp Hinds Staff Member.  I looked at the early pictures and he is in the 1932 picture.  He was a tremendously nice and interesting guy.

       Nathaniel Mervin Haskell (September 27, 1912 - February 8, 1983) was a Maine Republican politician. Haskell served as the 62nd Governor of Maine for 25 hours: from 10:00am January 6, 1953 to 11:00am January 7, 1953.

       In 1943, Haskell was elected to the Maine House of Representatives and was reelected in 1945, 1947 and 1949 when he served as Speaker of the House. Elected to the Maine Senate in 1951, he was reelected in 1953 and in that same year elected President of the Senate.  Haskell's brief term of Governor was the result of constitutional succession in the wake of the 1952 elections. Haskell continued as President of the Senate for the 1953 regular session only, resigning prior to the start of the special session held later that year to accept the appointment as Probate Judge of Cumberland County.

       So a Camp Hinds Staff Member was briefly Governor of Maine.

John J. O'Toole


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