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Charles "Bud" P. Wilson

Bud served in many capacities on the Camp Hinds Staff over the years
1966-1969 - Craftshop Instructor
1985-1991 - Fun Pack Weekend Staff
? - Okpik Staff
1992-1996 - Aquatics Director - Fun Pack Weekend
1995-1996 - Assistant Ranger



Buxton – Charles P. (Bud) Wilson, 61, of Buxton passed away at his home on Thursday, September 20, 2012.  Bud was the son of Charles and Betty (Anderson) Wilson, he was born in Portland on October 17, 1950.

Bud is survived by his two children, Stacey Grindel and her husband Michael and Charles A. (Chad) Wilson and his wife Holly.  He is also survived by his parents and his beloved grandchildren.

A celebration of Bud’s life will be held at 2:00 P.M. on September 29, 2012, at the Council Ring at Camp William Hinds, 149 Plains Rd., Raymond. A gathering will follow at the Scout Training Center.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be sent to The Bud Wilson Camp Hinds Campership Fund at Pine Tree Council 131 Johnson Rd Portland Me 04102. 
You may also donate directly online here.

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Bud worked with me and for me at Camp Hinds.  He always went above and beyond the call of duty and was always a friend to all. He will be missed.  ~ Dean B. Zaharis
I first met Bud in 1985 at Camp Hinds when my mother was the Camp Nurse for FunPack Weekends. Bud and my father, Dwain Sargent, became fast friends both being volunteers working on the waterfront or where ever needed. Bud always had a smile and a joke ready. As I grew older and became a staff member, Bud was always there to share stories of his time on staff and to just listen if you needed to vent out frustrations or share good stories.

When my son came into Scouting and spent his first weekend at Hinds, Bud was one of the first "old timers" he met. Bud and Talin hit it off and had fun cracking jokes with one another. Following his stroke, one of the few people Bud remembered fully was my father. They sat at camp several times reminiscing, cracking bawdy jokes and keeping the staff on their toes.

I will always hold special memories of Bud. To me, and many others, he was a friend, mentor, fellow Scouter, Uncle, and a part of the brotherhood of Camp Hinds Staff Alumnists. Safe journeys, Bud, until we meet again!
~ Rob Sargent

Spending quality time with Bud was time well spent, even if only for a moment. Standing on the docks doing lifeguard duty was always more fun when Bud was there!
~ Mary & Lloyd Wilkins
I had the honor of hiring Bud in "88. It was a no-brainer. For a while we had all three Wilsons plus the two"kids" on staff at once. One of the finest Scouting families I have ever known!! Bud was simply one of the most pleasant, positive, and friendly folks ever!!! I enjoyed e-mailing with him after we both discovered e-mail!! We shared a birthday. It was great to spend time with him at the June reunion. He sure loved his kids ... and he loved Camp Hinds!! What a great guy!!
~Marty Kadel

From Memorial Campfire Program as read by Wayne Holden

Charles "Bud" Wilson- the guy behind.....

If I left it at that, Bud would just smile. However, we are here today to share fond memories of a man who touched so many. One person tells me that, Bud" always went above and beyond the call of duty and was always a friend to all. He will be missed." Another friend tells us, "Bud always had a smile and a joke ready. Bud was always there to share stories of his time on staff and to just listen if you needed to vent out frustrations or share good stories. "

In his younger days, Bud spent time at camp, just to be at camp. He could tell stories of yester-year, about the Tenny-Belle and different campsites. And he could remind us of our obligation as a Scout and as a member of the Order of the Arrow. Bud was a well rounded guy. He could take apart a computer and even put it back together, as well as write in various computer codes and language. While working at a local publisher in Portland, Bud would have 4-5 computers on his desks, each one for a different project, and sometimes one just to convert language of one to language of another. 

Although Bud worked with computers, Bud loved being at camp. In his youth he worked in the craftshop and helped many scouts with various projects. He learned about hair, when it would grow, when it was in it's faster periods of growth and when it wasn't growing quite so well. He referred to his hair status as 'now it's on the inside - gives a new meaning to fuzzy logic".

Steve McManus  shares with us about an Order of the Arrow meeting where people were teasing Bud about having no hair.    Well, Bud pulled out his 1969 driver’s license with his ‘long hippy hair’  -   the group became quiet-  no more comments.

As an adult, Bud shared many experiences with a wide variety of scouts and scouters. He knew the ins and outs of camp and was there to help whoever may need help. Bud was a character and he was always there. "he would sit at camp reminiscing, cracking bawdy jokes and keeping the staff on their toes."  This is how Bud was the guy behind,  behind memories and dreams…….

 Working on the waterfront, working as the camp ranger, and definitely being an active listener where ever he was in camp.  I will always hold special memories of Bud. To me, and many others, he was a friend, mentor, fellow Scouter, uncle, father, son, and a part of the brotherhood of the Camp Hinds Staff Alumni. Perhaps those are some reasons why he was given the name "Columba", which means Dove - as his Vigil Honor name. May Bud fly with the doves as he continues on his journey.

~ From Memorial Campfire Program as read by Wayne Holden

The following thoughts and wishes were posted on Facebook.
Shawn Pomroy: So sorry to hear about Bud. Great guy and friend. Always made me laugh. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
David Veilleux: He will be missed. He was a great friend. RIP Bud.
Robert Gray: I'm sorry to hear of Bud's passing. Such a great man. I enjoyed talking and working with him at Hinds.
Tom Peaco: Many great memories of Scouting with Bud. A sad day, indeed, but his memory lives on through all of us who knew and loved him.
Bill Wiles: As long as people tell the many Bud stories, he lives on. I can still see Bud in the Craftshop wth Frank Bailey and Kenny Curry. RIP, Bud.
Tim McDonald: Big Bad Bud! Your impact on those of us that were fortunate enough to know you will be felt for generations to come. Your warm, welcoming smile, wisdom and kindness to all will be sadly missed in all of our lives. Go peacefully into that great yonder my friend.
Phil Brokos: RIP to a special, special, man. Can't think of Hinds without thinking of Bud and the Wilson clan, What an awesome family! Prayers to all of you.
Peter Curran: So many wonderful memories to enjoy ! Thinking of the Wilson family! R I P Bud!
Bruce Rueger: Great guy! Done way to soon. He will be missed.
Frank Maguire: We hate to lose old friends - let's remember Bud for all the good he did for others and pray that he's now happy in a better place. God bless his soul.
Wayne Holden: Condolences to the Wilson family, and may Bud continue telling his yarns and spreading smiles in the great beyond. God Bless you, Bud
Camp Hinds: It is with great sadness that we send this message to our Hinds family on the passing of longtime Scouter & Hinds Staff Member Charlie "Bud" Wilson.

Bud made an impact on all of us both as a fellow Scouter and a friend. His many stories and memories will live on at camp. The Camp Hinds Staff has his family in our thoughts and prayers.

Let us in our hearts and mind
Remember he who was our brother
On the Earth. Forever in spirit.
Brother Charlie Wilson will be among us.

Matthew Small: Bud was a big reason i got my Eagle Scout.
Debbie Sullivan: My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
Jason Murphy: My thoughts are with his family + all the Scouts whose time at Hinds was made that much better by Bud (myself included). RIP.
Raymond Kennard: I am proud to say that I knew of Bud, worked with him and listened to his stories.
Curt Raymond: I remember Bud well and am sad I can't be there for his campfire.
Josef P Melech: I'll honor his memory by lighting a candle for him on that night.
Jay Libby: RIP Bud. Thank you for all the great memories at Hinds!
Patrick Gravel: I will never forget you Bud. Your guidance and friendship. Camp was always fun but it was made better with you there! Rest in peace brother.
Lisa Robitaille: Sorry for your loss~
Kevin O'Brien: So sad to hear ... safe to say he made every summer I had their great.
David Veilleux: I will remember all the great times and the great stories that Bud shared with us. He was a true friend and a great Scouter. May the Great Scoutmaster of all times be with us until we meet again. RIP Bud.
Larry Roy: Goodby friend. See you on the other side for a game of cribbage.
Rebecca Gerrish Drews: Bud - camp was always filled with laughter and amazing stories thanks to you. You have taught me so many things about what a genuine passion for people around you can bring. I will cherish all of the memories, and the blessing of being able to call your daughter a friend.
John L. Trott Jr.: Rest in Peace my brother. True Scouter and friend. WWW
Paula Gosselin Schildroth: RIP Bud. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. So sad to hear of your passing. Memories of you and your tales will always make me smile. You were a legend of a man who will be missed by all.
Duane Havard: I truly enjoyed working with Bud. He was a great volunteer and always helped out when I needed assistance with the PTC Scoutmaster training while I was there. Thanks Bud. You will be greatly missed! 

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Bud with his son (Chad) and his dad (Charlie) - 2005
Charles A, Charles J, and Charles P

Bud with daughter Stacey

Bud with his mother (Betty)


Photos from the Memorial Campfire at Camp Hinds
Photos courtesy Cynthia Allison
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